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Tap Into Integrative Therapy as a Resource to Fill Short and Long-term OT Gaps

By Amy Vogel

A recent search for open positions for occupational therapists (OTs) in school settings on frequently used job posting websites such as and was eye-opening. EdPost listed 48 active postings and K12JobSpot listed 123 available positions.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified individuals to fill various open positions from shorter term maternity leaves to permanent positions. What is a school administrator to do when they can’t find a qualified candidate? Or what if a current OT employee qualifies for a leave of absence, requiring a long-term substitute?

Integrative Therapy provides high quality OT services to schools in the Twin Cities through contracted service providers. The company has a team of competent and experienced staff well versed in school-based services, evaluations, and due process that will strive to integrate seamlessly into your school’s processes.

Whether you are a charter school, a public school district, or an intermediate school district that services multiple districts, consider reaching out to Integrative Therapy when you have an OT position unfilled or have a maternity leave or other long-term substitute position requiring a licensed occupational therapist. Integrative Therapy can help efficiently fill the gaps for your district or school. lmmediate action avoids missed OT services, which can cause unmet student IEP needs and upset parents. Filling the gap can eliminate the need for compensatory services later in the school year. Also remember that, by law, if services are not met as outlined in the IEP, the district will need to create a plan to compensate the student for missed services. It can be a headache for administrators if they don’t have service providers available to fulfill those IEP minutes.

In our work in this area of service, we’re pleased to report that two school administrators recently filled their occupational therapy long-term substitute positions through connecting with Integrative Therapy, LLC. We also talked with a school director who recently partnered with Integrative Therapy to fulfill a full-time maternity leave position. They said, “I wanted to say thank you so much for helping us meet our OT needs during [the employee’s] leave! There has been nothing 'normal' about this year and if you feel like I do, to get things to fall into place is a win. You ladies gave that gift to the scholars and staff!”

If you are at a school or district with similar needs and a desire for an experienced and competent team of service providers to support your students and staff during a short or long-term substitute or permanent position, find more information at

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